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Homes for Our Troops Solar

Christian Bagge’s Homes for Our Troops project is coming to an end. Christian’s dad used to work for Hire Electric so we were really excited on several levels to be helping out with the project. In the design phase we suggested adding solar to the home. Since it was supposed to be a LEED Certified the people at Homes for Our Troops  jumped at the idea of gaining extra points for solar. PVPowered donated a PV4800 inverter. SolarWorld and North Coast Electric Supply went together to donate part of the 20 – SW245 watt solar modules and rack installation. SunModo donated the racking system. Hire donated the solar design, BOM and our guys did the installation. The Net Metering agreement was signed with Hood River Electric Coop yesterday and Dennis with Mid Columbia Building Codes signed off on the final electrical inspection. Christian was very thankful for everyones effort and stoked about the idea of running his meeter backwards. We wish he and his family all the best in their new home.

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