February 23, 2018 11:55 am

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  1. 1

    Dennis Houghton

    Good job/presentation

    You did not mention industry certifications like NABCEP or UL PV Installer. Are these certs relevant? Are you planning to get them? Would they help with marketing?
    See you in June

  2. 2

    Jonathan Lewis

    Good to see you Dennis. We started in solar before NABCEP or UL PV certifications were available. My take is that these certifications are basically ways for new comers to gain credibility. Bob Skinner did have to get his Entry Level NABCEP in order to maintain his status as our Oregon Tax Credit Certified Technician. We use journeyman electricians and apprentices with years of experience for all of our installations. They have a passion for PV and extensive knowledge of how to wire things well. Eventually we will be forced to adopt more certifications but for now we haven’t seen the need.

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