December 15, 2017 7:59 am

How to have a SolarBlockParty

Our 1st SolarBlockParty happened on a sunny November day in West Richland. It was a HUGE success and lots of fun. You can see a KNDU news clip about the party here.

Here are the ingredients for a good SolarBlockParty:

  1. Neighbors & friends
  2. Solar (preferably more than 1 system on the same block)
  3. A good playlist (DJ SunRay on Google Play is a great starting point)

“It’s a good excuse to clean out the garage.” If you have neighbors & friends, Hire Electric’s Solar Division can set you up with the solar & DJ SunRay, hamburgers, soft drinks solar goodies, SunFrisbeeGolf…

We also invite the local EV clubs to come by. Many of our past solar customers now have EV’s. At the 1st SolarBlockParty we had 8 Leafs, a Think, a Volt, an Insight, and an electric Bike. EV drivers stir up lots of great conversations. See the photos here.

The Hire SolarBlockParty is a great opportunity to get your friends signed up for our Green Your$elf Referral Program. If your friends go solar you get $300 & they get $300. Everybody wins. Call us up to get solar and schedule your SolarBlockParty today! Out new Tri Cities phone number is: 509-783-3992.


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